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Indo Dream

This is what’s been happening for the past few months. Sold out screenings and great parties!!

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Indodream from PlayaPictures on Vimeo.

First ever Finnish surf & travel -film brought to you by Jussi Korkeela. In this surf documentary we follow Finnish surfers in Indonesia. Featuring Jesse Viitanen, Hanna Rapeli, Kimmo Jaakonsaari, Jussi Korkeela and many more arctic surfers in the tropics.

Movie premiere in January 2015!


The search continued to Sumba.

Rua Hanna & Jiri Jiri telling stories Boards Ding repair Food Local huts Leppis & Jesse Group photo Benkel Wainukaka Strike a pose Card games This guy was losing sumba-18 Betelnuts Rua 2 Mosquitos maybe yes. Pretty much the only waves we saw where in this mag. Walking to school Righty Jesse Hanna & Jiri Donuts kept us alive Hide and seek Brekkie Mama and Aman

surf, travel



We went surfing and filming to Lakey Peak a few weeks ago. We scored.

surf, travel